1NJV Public Facebook Page

1NJV History:

Amongst our Friends:
16th Queen’s Light Dragoons

Pennsylvania State Navy


British Brigade web site

British Brigade Facebook page


Loyalist Institute

Continental Line

Sourland Mountain Muzzleloaders

Clothing, Equipment, and Sewing

Middlesex Village Trading Company


Jas. Townsend and Sons


Dixie Gun Works

Smoke and Fire

Smiling Fox Forge

Kannick’s Corner

JP Ryan Patterns

Denver Fabrics

Sam’s Fabrics (Berlin, NJ)

Quartermaster General

Wood Hamlet Designs

Wm. Booth Draper

Burnley and Trowbridge

Reproduction Fabrics

Musket and Flintlock Repairs

Gen-Nis-He-Yo trading Company


Eileen the Bean Home Page

Stacy Roth

Society of 18th Century Gentlemen

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