The First New Jersey Volunteers Association has worked hard to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved with the reenacting hobby. 1NJV is proud to allow men and women of all races who can demonstrate the physical ability to play the role of a soldier in our ranks. Most units require members to own their equipment before coming out to events. The full kit; uniform, equipment, tent, and ect., can be quite expensive when purchased at once. 1NJV has an inventory of loaner clothing in common sizes, and equipment, that usually allows people to field their first day, and helps them along as they purchase pieces on their own. We make it easy for you, because we want you to have fun with us.

The first step you have already completed by getting to this page. Take the second step by contacting us. We will discuss which event would be best for you to start coming out with us, and make plans for suiting you up and equiping you. On your first day, you will be taught the drill (pictured on the Manual of Arms page), and how to fire the weapon. If you can demonstrate the ability to remember an acceptable amount of the drill excercises and already know how to fire this type of weapon, you will fight that day. If you have not fired this type of weapon before, you can fight on the field, but will be required to “dry-fire” (without powder) for a minimum period of one battle. On your second day of reenacting you will be required to join the unit, and pay dues to get you insured. As mentioned on the About Us page, dues for the entire year are $10 for people who do not carry a musket, and $20 for private soldiers, no family to exceed $50. This is an extremely small amount to pay to cover your insurance for an entire year.

Playing the role of a soldier (Infantry or Field Musician) is only one aspect of reenacting, we also have our resident Privateer (Pirate), camp musicians, and fine ladies who are experienced in managing and cooking over an open fire. If you are interested in learning about or reenacting one of these roles, or other possible roles, contact us.

Once you have joined, 100% attendance is not required, but you will find it hard to keep yourself away. Camping at events is a great way to get away for a weekend. Towards the end of a weekend event, when our younger members are asked whether they missed having a TV, computer, or game console around, they are quick to answer no.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Joe Niagara and I am interested in checking out re-enacting. I have seen the unit before and have spoken to some of the members and this unit looks like a great fit for me. If possible I would like to start at the fort Washington event. If you are interested in meeting me and maybe letting me start at that event please let me know. My phone number is 484-686-6188. I look forward to speaking with you.
    Joe Niagara
    PS- I am a History Major from Villanova, class of ’85.

  2. Hi i am interested in Joining the unit please contact me
    my name is Mike Weeks.

  3. Allison Outhit

    Hi there! This is a great site. My ancestor (7 times great grandfather, I think) was in Major Millidge’s company under Lt Col Barton. He mustered out safe and sound, and was granted some land in Nova Scotia. We don’t have any family history on who he was, where he was born, where he lived prior to arriving in Canada, other than he was a member of the company. Can you suggest any resources for digging further? Many thanks in advance, Allison

  4. I was wondering how old you had to be to join

  5. 16 to field with a musket. You can be younger and field as a drummer or flag holder.

  6. Dear friend reenactors of the !st New Jersey Volunteers:

    My name is Rafael Mayoral. I am Alferez (Regimental Flag bearer) of the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico and one of the San Juan 1797 event organizers. I am pleased to forward for your consideration an invitation to this year’s event of reference. Pictures of previous events may be seen, among other sites, in my personal facebook account and on website:

    and on the San Juan 1797 Puerto Rico 2013 google site. I understand some of you may know Héctor Díaz, our senior officer, who has paticipated with the Louisiana Regiment in various reenactments in the Gulf Coast area over the years. We are currently setting up a new, official registration site for the event with additional information which I’ll be glad to direct you to in the next few days, should you be interested.

    Commemoration of the 1797 British Siege and Defense of San Juan

    Brief Historical Background

    Due to its strategic location, by the end of the XVIII century the fortified City of San Juan had evolved into a military bastion of the first order. On April, 1797 a powerful fleet of sixty ships under the command of Admiral Harvey and an expeditionary force under Sir Ralph Abercrombie of six to eight thousand troops comprised of British regulars, German mercenaries and West Indian units landed east of the city and advanced towards its first line of defense. For two weeks they laid siege to San Juan, but every attempt to assault from land and sea was foiled by a bravely executed defense led by Governor Ramón de Castro, with the support in every front of the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico, the Disciplined Militias who marched from every corner of the Island to fight the besiegers, and by the very able artillerists who dueled for two weeks the combined fire power of this formidable force. On May 2, 1797, fearing to become the besieged, the British hastily re-embarked in the middle of the night, leaving cannon, military equipment and ammunition in substantial quantities.

    The Commemoration

    The 1797 Siege and Defense of San Juan is an annual commemoration held during the last weekend of April, currently on its seventh edition, organized by the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico with public and private support. This year the event will be held on April 25-28, 2013. The event takes place in Old San Juan, amidst its legendary walls and fortifications, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Landmark decades ago. It lasts four days and includes a wine and cheese reception in one of San Juan’s oldest and best preserved XVIII Century facade hotels, a Friday nocturnal march to the Plaza de Armas and the City’s Main Gate, cannon and musket drill and fire demonstrations on the grounds and ramparts of the majestic and emblematic Fort San Felipe del Morro on Friday and Saturday and a Sunday battle reenactment at Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera and the Battery of Escambrón, located in one of the beach fronts which formed the first line of defense in 1797. Black powder is provided by the NPS while doing drill and demonstrations in the forts and by the Regimiento Fijo for the battle reenactments. Muskets may be brought to San Juan on domestic flights inside TSA approved cases (sport tubes are recommended) If you belong to an artillery crew, the Fijo will share with you one of its cannons and firing utensils. During the four day event re-enactors may stay free of charge at the Cuartel de Ballajá, the actual Spanish Military Barracks which housed the main infantry and cavalry force of the San Juan Military Garrison, or at the Gallery Inn, where the welcoming reception is traditionally held in a historically pleasant setting. Meals are served to participating re-enactors throughout the commemoration, free of charge, and at the end of the event, those participating in NPS sponsored activities have been customarily paid a stipend, based on attendance to their part of the programmed events. During the evenings, re-enactors are welcomed to enjoy Old San Juan’s delightful night life with or without period dress.

    The British Army’s uniform for the period is very similar to the one used during the American Revolutionary War and therefore no need to make any alterations or changes is necessary.

    The Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico cordially invites you to its April 2013 annual event and looks forward to share the magic of the Old San Juan with you.

  7. Hi. I met some of u at Mercer last weekend. I marched w 43rd for first x. Was great. Could I do Mifflin on Sundaywur fine looking group? Tx Tom 856 693-4887

  8. Barbara Pflaumer

    Hello, I am Barbara an reenactor and a friend of Peter Ferwerda. Do you know where Peter Ferwerda is? I tried to call him and his cell number that I had was no longer active and he is no longer on FB. Just talk to him a few weeks ago. Do you have a new number where he can be reached.

  9. The Brit’s, I really enjoyed seeing and talking with your group at HCSV! You are all so committed and knowledgeable in your group, it was a pleasure. Partners in Preservation sincerely hope to have the opportunity to share your talents with the Wildwood, NJ community. Thank you, Nancy Karl,

  10. Hi. I was at Fort Mercer this Sunday with the 43rd. My 2nd outing w them. I did Mercer w them last year also. Thats 4 battles as we did 2 eachtime. Anyhow, they do not partake at Mifflin. I spoke w some of u about taking the field w ur unit that day. I would gladly pay $20 dues, but would need to be outfitted w entire kit and musket. If that’s possible please contact me at thankyou

  11. Jack Anders

    Greetings. I am the new drummer for The Queens Rangers, commanded by Lt. Col. Glenn Garwood. I was hoping you would put me in contact with your drummer To talk about music, and possibly some joint practices.

    Jack Anders
    Tel: 609-560-7198

  12. Hello, I’m interested in joining the regiment, I’m 14 years old and would probably join the light infantry. I’m free most of the summer. Contact me at 2014691824.

  13. Bryan DiAntonio

    Hi, I’m interested in possibly joining your regiment, I’m 31 and work with a fellow member of your unit.

  14. Good day! I am interested in possibly joining the regiment. I am very much into history and would be glad to take this opportunity. Please contact me at if i may do so.

  15. Greetings:

    I’m a historical writer and I’m working on a historical novel titled The Knife and the Gospel. The book tells the story of the five months of the 1777 Saratoga Campaign in the American Revolutionary War: June, 1777, as the troops of both Great Britain and the United States of America move into battles from Fort Ticonderoga, all the way to the Battles of Saratoga September 19, October 7, and the events leading up to October 17, when the British army surrendered. The story is character-driven and told from the perspective of various protagonists such as John Burgoyne, William Twiss, Friedrich Baum, Benedict Arnold, Daniel Morgan, and Horatio Gates.

    I would like to establish a correspondence with some knowledgeable members of your organization to further consult historical opinions of the events and the people, the regular men – and women – who took part in the campaign for the most accurate depiction possible.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance at all possible.

    Thank you in advance.

  16. hello, I am very interested in possibly joining this regiment. The chance to fall into such an amazing regiment would be a great honor.

  17. Robert Williams

    Hi, need more info about this.. i cant know any details..

  18. Please send an email to so we can respond personally

  19. Barbara Pflaumer

    I am not Robert William’s. I am Barbara Pflaumer. somebody he didn’t by the name of Robert Williams is using my email that is incorrect.

  20. togstumblrbackup

    Hi I am Justin a 29 year old amature historian that has wanted to try reenacting for years. I have some experience with muzzle loaders although they were percussion cap. I have always been told I sound British when I talk and have always loved England.

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